The Search For Australia's Best Business Blog

March 14, 2012, 12:02 pm KBB Staff Yahoo7

The Sydney Writers' Centre is on the hunt for its Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition. So what's all the fuss about blogs anyway?

The Search For Australia s Best Business Blog

Blog is not the most attractive word in the English language. But if you're in business, it should be one that you are familiar with.

And if you haven’t jumped on board the blog train, now is the perfect time.

For the second year running, the Sydney Writers' Centre is holding its Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition, with entries opening tomorrow - March 15.

The competition is on the hunt for Australia’s best business blog, as well as in other categories such as commentary, personal/lifestyle, parenting, and writing and reading blogs.

Over $15 000 in prizes is on offer for winners and finalists.

Last year they had 570 entries, from which Nikki Parson of the Sunshine Coast took out the honours for her blog Styling You.

“The impact on my blog, my business and my life has been huge. From that first day, it cemented my credibility for myself, other bloggers, industry and anything to do with the digital media space.”

Competition Coordinator Rose Powell says “The Australian blogosphere has really come of age over the last few years. Heading into the 2012 competition, we’re looking at a vibrant and diverse community of bloggers who are better networked with advertisers and more engaged with online readers than ever before.” 

But what’s all the fuss about?

Whether you are using a blog as part of your business' marketing plan, or you're just reading other business blogs for new information, ideas and education, they can be such a great tool for helping your business get ahead.

Blogging started out as a way for people to keep a sort of online diary. Because of this it quickly gained a reputation for being a pointless, narcissistic outlet for people and their random thought.

Is Your Blusiness Blogging To Its Full Potential?Even though that was only a few years ago, it’s ancient thinking. Since then, the blog has evolved to become so much more. Blogging has become less of a personal diary and more of a valued, information-rich network of personal websites which dispense the knowledge and expertise of its author(s).

And for businesses, they are a powerful outlet for many reasons. According to Anita Campbell, editor of the Small Business Trends blog, “Blogs are tailor made for small businesses, and they are a better tool for them”.

- Blogs can help you and your brand establish credibility and expertise within your particular industry. It lets you demonstrate and share your wisdom in your field.

- The more you establish yourself and as expert, the more you are recognised as a leader in your industry and can influence others within the industry.

- It’s a powerful marketing tool for your business for many reasons. Connecting with your customers; establishing relationships with others in the industry; promoting new products; an ready-made outlet for Public Relations.

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