Australia's Most Trusted Brands

July 25, 2012, 9:29 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Australia's most trusted brands are out. Here's who they are and what's got them there...

Australia s Most Trusted Brands

Readers Digest has released its most trusted brands of 2012 with health care and first aid products topping the rankings.

According to the survey of 2,400 Australians, Dettol is the nation’s most trusted brand followed by Band-Aid and Panadol. Chocolate make Cadbury came in fourth spot with Colgate an ironic fifth.

Hardware house Bunnings was voted the number one ‘Australian Icon’, beating Vegemite and Dick Smith to the claim.

Australian Readers Digest editor Sue Carney says the most trusted brands are those that continue to offer quality and substance.

"They have a long history of being steadfast and safe," Carney says.

Another healthcare brand in Elastoplast came in sixth spot with Lindt, Betadine, Uncle Toby’s and Kellogg’s rounding out the top 10.

So how have these businesses built up such trust in their brands? The same way the most trusted people in Australia have – through ability, concern, connection, consistency and sincerity.

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Ability is about achieving what you’ve promised to, which in turn makes you dependable and eventually depended on. And if people depend on you then trust is implicit.

Concern is empathising and understanding the troubles faced by those around you so they know you have their best interests at heart.

Connection is establishing an affiliation with customers through mutual values. This is fostered by how companies are perceived to act and how they’re presented to the public.

Consistency in behaviour leads to consistent branding. These brands would never break your trust because, from all public accounts, they have never done it before.

Sincerity comes when brands don’t appear to be hiding anything. This transparency builds confidence in a brand. If anything untoward crops up these brands deal with it directly and explain how it will be rectified.

These qualities should sound familiar because the attributes of Australia’s most trusted brands are the same as those of Australia's most trusted people.

So take note and start establishing some trust in your brand. The business benefits of doing so will take care of themselves...

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