How to Recruit Like a Rock Band

July 31, 2012, 1:47 pm Alex Brophy Yahoo7

Rock bands are the ultimate business unit. Here's why and how to emulate their success in 4 easy steps.

How to Recruit Like a Rock Band

Rock’n’roll bands are well oiled machines. Every member fits in flawlessly, works toward the same common goal and plays their different roles to perfection. Sounds a lot like a smooth running small business, doesn’t it?

The reason for rock bands having so much synergy is in their recruitment, an area of importance often underestimated by small business owners.

So to help your business on its way to super stardom, here’s how to emulate their fine-tuned teams. How to recruit like a rock band.

1. Pick Your Role

You need to decide where you sit in the band to know the people that need to be recruited for the other spots. Are you the star salesman and lead singer? The behind the scenes managing drummer? Or maybe the removed, watching over bass player?

Most entrepreneurs write all the songs and just need a band to play the music, but don’t assume you’re the creative heart and soul without digging a bit deeper to identify what your role may be in a bigger band.

Then once you’ve settled on a particular guitar, mic or drum kit, it’s time to define the style of music the band will play.

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2. Define the Genre

Building a cohesive, constructive and efficient team is hugely dependent on everyone being on the same page. That is, having the same values.

A perfect gentleman in a sharp suit will never mesh with Metallica, just like a pierced and tattooed rock star won’t sync well with Sinatra. These are extreme examples, but are the sort of clashes differing values throw up.

Common values are the core of a cohesive team. That’s why it’s crucial to have a good idea of how the band should look and feel before holding auditions.

3. Find Your Rock Stars

Now the values are clear, it’s time to hold auditions for your rock stars. These are the managers and future managers of the business. There’ll be roadies and fill-ins along the road, but they will come and go - the rock stars you recruit here will decide the band's success.

Top shelf talent is great, but if they’re out of place the band won’t jell. That’s where your pre-conceived values come in to play. People fitting in is paramount, ability comes second, so see the auditions as your opportunity to gauge a good fit.

It might be a prospective band member not saying ‘thank you’ for a glass of water, being dismissive of one of the interviewers, or not cracking a smile throughout the whole process. You may even use questionnaires to formalise the feeling.

Whatever the method, gauging common values and testing genuine interest in the music your band plays are the main focus of the auditions.

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4. Start Playing!

Once you’ve found your rock stars, recruiting the rest of the team should be a breeze through the same process. Then once you have a sweet sounding set of musicians on stage, there’s nothing left to do but start playing!

With the right rock stars in place, the band will barely need a manager, rock star retention will be high, morale great and success the by-product of a great time.

Then when the time comes for you to unplug your mic, the business will be just as fun and seamlessly run as when you were belting out the beats yourself.