How To Make Your Job Like A Game

September 12, 2012, 9:48 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Get some white line fever into your workplace with these simple tips to making your job more like a game.

How To Make Your Job Like A Game

There are few things as exciting as getting to the weekend and watching your favourite team kick, hit, catch or throw a ball about. For some it’s a live telecast, for others it’s on a game console or even getting out there themselves and trying to emulate their heroes.

Whatever the case, come Monday its back to the daily grind and all enthusiasm goes out the window. But what if there was a way to take some of that sporting edge-of-your-seat excitement into the daily grind?

Well, there is.

Most jobs just lack the crucial elements that make games so great. Workplaces are mostly monotonous, provide little sense of personal achievement, don’t celebrate success and seem to go on and on forever.

This is the exact opposite of what makes games great. They’re dynamic and unpredictable, are built around personal feats, celebrate success and have a definite end point. All the ingredients of enthusiasm and excitement.

Unfortunately too few workplaces recognise these elements and even fewer consider redesigning work to make it the fun and productive place it should be.

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But in reality it’s an easy thing to address in pretty much any job. Here’s how.

Start by identifying some small goals that can be achieved over a short period, not more than six months or a year and preferably less.

Then, with these goals in mind, plan in teams how they will be achieved. Encourage as much creativity and out-of-the-box thinking as possible in the process.

When you succeed, celebrate the accomplishment. Simple as that.

The outcome, apart from a stimulating work environment, is that team members will be proud and enthusiastic about their achievements. Other employees will want to be involved and innovative and efficient new ways to do things will be discovered.

All big plusses for employees, but also for the company.

You see exciting, high calibre jobs don’t need to be reserved for sports stars nor great enthusiasm reserved for the weekend.

Almost every occupation can be moulded into a game like situation with simple goals, deadlines, teams and celebrated results. So go on, invigorate your workplace today with a bit of white line fever.

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