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November 20, 2012, 8:57 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Now There’s An Oversupply Of Skilled Labour ~ ACCI Calls For Small Biz Rate Cut ~ Click Frenzy Kicks Off

KBB Morning Snapshot

Now There’s An Oversupply Of Skilled Labour

As miners and industry groups lament the lack of skilled labour in Australia, new data has revealed there is actually a surplus of the staff.

Employment services outfit Clarius Group’s Skills Index shows there was an oversupply of 19,500 skilled workers at the end of September, compared to a shortage of 2,300 in the June quarter.

The index found there was a shortage of 6,900 engineers, 5,900 IT and communications professionals, 2,700 accountants, company secretaries and auditors, 3,200 sales and marketing professionals and 700 legal professionals.

The researchers attributed the turnaround to an increase in unemployment in what’s been a volatile job market.

ACCI Calls For Small Biz Rate Cut

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for a December quarter rate cut to help small businesses cope with increasing wage and non-labour costs.

ACCI’s small business survey for the September has revealed operating costs continued to rise for small businesses over the last quarter, despite a noticeable slowdown in sales.

“The non-mining part of economy really needs the stimulus of another rate cut,” ACCI chief economist Greg Evans said of the findings.

The RBA surprised many this month by leaving rates on hold, and if they don’t move in December it’ll be a long wait as the board doesn’t meet in January.

Click Frenzy Kicks Off

Monster online sale Click Frenzy kicks off tonight with 24 hours of discount retail goods hitting the virtual department store.

More than 200 retailers have now signed up to take part, including some of Australia’s biggest in Myer, Dick Smith, Westfield, Bonds and Toys ‘R Us.

Specials are not slated for release until 7pm tonight, but to give you an idea, one leaked already includes a 33% discount on a 46-inch TV going for $499.

But be sure to take a deep breath at the online checkout counter as these type of sales are aimed at inducing snap purchases where shoppers are prone to over extending themselves.