More Friends Equal More Stress: Study

November 27, 2012, 3:10 pm Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

New research links the number of Facebook friends you have to the incidence of anxiety...

More Friends Equal More Stress: Study

If you’ve been getting more stressed at work lately, it could be because of a skyrocketing social status.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh’s Business School have found the likelihood of anxiety increases as the number of social circles you have on your Facebook account increases.

Basically, more mates equal more stress.

The researchers found that we’re so conscious of appeasing everyone online that stress levels rise significantly when we try to make sure we don’t offend anyone in our online social circle.

And, of course, avoiding offense is harder to do the more social circles you’re trying to keep happy. With the study finding that Facebook users have an average of seven different social circles, this is a common problem.

“The most common group was friends known offline (97 percent added them as friends online), followed by extended family (81 percent), siblings (80 percent), friends of friends (69 percent), and colleagues (65 percent),” the researchers said.

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The trouble is that a lot of the things that could taint your perfect character are put up by others.

Questionable photos from nights out, suspect friends posting on your wall, or that picture of you having a cigarette when you ‘don’t smoke’ all require diligent monitoring.

“Facebook used to be like a great party for all your friends where you can dance, drink and flirt." the report’s author Ben Marder says.

“But now with your mum, dad and boss there, the party becomes an anxious event full of potential social landmines.”

More evidence that maybe it’s best to keep mums and managers separate from your mates…

This is especially prudent advice for small business owners where social lives are very easily intertwined with the social and family side of life.

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