KBB Morning Snapshot

December 21, 2012, 8:50 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Swan Ditches Surplus ~ Super Set To Bounce Back ~ Try Not To Take Tablets On Holiday ~ Small Biz Owners Head Into Happy Holidays

KBB Morning Snapshot

Swan Ditches Surplus
The government has officially abandoned its targeted budget surplus for 2012-2013, with Treasurer Wayne Swan conceding the issue yesterday.

“If the worst thing that people say is we got the economics right again but fell short on the politics, well I just say, so be it", Swan said.

Of course the Abbott camp has been quick to jump on the opportunity to throw more political punches, but the reality is a surplus isn’t right in this environment.

As Kochie commented earlier this week, “It would be irresponsible to run a surplus in such a tough economic environment, and anyone that says otherwise is just in for political gain.”

“A surplus now will rob the Australian economy of important spending, which at the end of the day, will cost Australian jobs.”

Super Set To Bounce Back
Research house SuperRatings says most Australian superannuation accounts will enjoy returns of more than 10% for 2012, as super funds recover from a weak 2011.

SuperRatings says balanced funds, which are held by about 70% of Australians with super, are on track to deliver returns of 10.8% for the year.

The research house found the country's major super funds clocked up their 10th positive monthly return for the year in November, with December's results likely to add more cheer with a concerted run up on markets leading into Christmas..

Try Not To Take Tablets On Holiday
It’s been revealed that most people still intend on taking tech on holiday this season, despite research showing it will spark arguments and resentment from those around you.

And you know who is the worst at it? You. Small businesses are the most likely to keep working over the festive break, with 43% admitting they will "attend to significant pieces of work", according to a study by flexible workplace provider Regus.

Across the board, at least 37% of Australian workers intend to take their electronic devices on holidays so they can attend to work emails and calls.

Do you need a de-tech?

Small Biz Owners Head Into Happy Holidays
Along with a bid bunch of the population, Kochie and the clan knock off today and will be back in the new year to create more quirky content and business building tips and tricks with view to making 2013 an even better year for your business.

Have a safe and smiley couple of weeks, and we’ll catch you in the New Year!