Celebrity Social Media Tips

January 10, 2013, 11:14 am Karina May Yahoo7

Like celebrities, you need to talk to your fans through social media platforms in a way that will grow, as well as maintain, your fan base.

Celebrity Social Media Tips

nce the advent of online social media, celebrities have been learning and developing effective ways of engaging interactively with their fans. They nurture the loyalty of old fans, and attract the interest of new ones.

Like celebrities, you need to talk to your fans through social media platforms in a way that will grow, as well as maintain, your fan base.

Generate Dialogue

The success of Twitter was driven by the fact that celebrities were using it to talk to their fans. Likewise, don’t simply use social media to make news posts that are of little interest to your audience otherwise your page will become a one-sided conversation with few viewers.

Instead, engage viewers by being responsive. Write back to every post and comment, thank your fans for their support, and make an attempt to understand the sentiment of any negativity that comes your way.

Ask Questions

On that note, regularly ask your fans questions about topics related to your business. Opinions may be a dime a dozen, but they’re highly valuable.

And ask questions in varying ways. You might ask true/false questions, multiple-choice, or open-ended questions that get your fans’ imaginative juices pumping. On the ServiceSeeking Facebook page we regularly ask fans for their input on different renovation projects and are constantly surprised by their passionate responses.

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You might also want to make your fans part of the decision making process of your business. This creates a sense of inclusivity and community, and you can get the added benefit of valuable feedback.

For example, our marketing team decided to run advertisements on television and posted samples of some of the commercials we were working on, asking for feedback. Our fans gave constructive criticism and helped us choose which commercial to run and they loved that we had asked for their opinion.

Ask For Questions

Not only should you ask questions, but you should ask for questions from your fans. Celebrities from the Mythbusters crew to Barack Obama are increasingly using websites such as Reddit to open themselves up to queries from fans.

Doing the same means that you can enhance the sense of business transparency and help to build a positive relationship between the business and fans.

Provide Regular Content

The celebrities that have the most followers on social media are the ones that are prolific, but not to the point where their followers’ feeds are clogged up. Businesses must navigate the waters of social media a little more carefully to avoid saturation of promotional content that will only drive away followers away.

Post no more than twice a day on your various social media platforms (except Twitter which is a noisy platform where hourly tweets are perfectly acceptable).

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We like to stick to the “one for you” “one for me” rule of thumb. For every business-based post we “reward” our audience with a fun – but still relevant – update.

Research has indicated that early evening, between 6-8pm is the best time to engage with audiences, however you should try varying the times every now and then to maintain digital presence throughout the day.

Use Multimedia

Use multimedia as much as possible. Celebrities are huge users of photo-sharing apps such as Instagram, which allow them to give their fans insight into their daily working lives. Likewise, short Youtube videos such as “vlogs” are open letters to fans.

The effectiveness of multimedia is due to the fact that we are drawn to quick, snappy images and videos. Serve up catchy, light, humorous images or short quirky videos about your team to put a human face to your business.

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