Calling Young Upstarts!

February 18, 2013, 12:05 pm Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Your last chance to shape the future of innovation and score a few Stoli's on the house!

Calling Young Upstarts!

The future of innovation and entrepreneurialism is in the hands of the young upstarts around today. They’ll shape the way we do business, socially interact and seek entertainment in the future.

But how quickly and kindly they’re able to innovate and experiment largely depends on how encouraging the policy environment is.

The not for profit Enterprise Network for Young Australians is planning a very proactive role in shaping that environment by sending a batch of our best and brightest young upstarts along to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit to help world leaders make the right decisions.

ENYA’s planning to send 20 young entrepreneurs along to the G20 Summit in Russia to develop a policy document for the enormously influential G20 Leaders Summit executive. They will make recommendations to enable young entrepreneurs to better contribute to economic growth, job creation, innovation and social change.

“Young Australians [are getting] the chance of a lifetime not only to shape world leaders’ ideas on entrepreneurship, but also to network with leading entrepreneurs from across the world and contribute to global innovation,” says ENYA’s Chief Entrepreneur Officer Jeremy Liddle.

“Having lead the Australian delegation to the 2012 summit in Mexico, I know what a truly life changing experience this is and strongly encourage every entrepreneur to jump at the opportunity to participate.”

To help the delegation along, one of the 20 will receive free return flights to Moscow and a $5,000 business grant courtesy of staunch supporter Renata Cooper, founder of ethical and social investment partner company Forming Circles.

“We admire young people with innovative ideas and passion, and it’s important to continue to provide financial support and incentives to business owners who wouldn’t otherwise get this opportunity to take part in such an inspiring and important event,” Cooper says.

Australian entrepreneurs aged 40 and under that own a business, or social enterprise, are encouraged to apply for a place on the Australian delegation by completing the online application form detailing their achievements as an entrepreneur, and information about their company by 18 February.

It’s a terrific opportunity to play a highly influential role in the future of innovation, entrepreneurialism and indeed the global economy, plus have a few stiff Stolichnayas on the house, so throw your hat in the ring today.