Life's A Beach With This New Startup

March 30, 2012, 11:37 am Alex Brophy Yahoo7

Quiverizer is the new startup taking the industry of 'swapping' to new levels

Life s A Beach With This New Startup

On every surfer’s wish list is another board. One that’s a bit longer, a bit fatter or just rides a bit differently from the ones they’ve already got. The problem is that its expensive business shopping for new additions to your quiver of boards.

What if you could swap your old board for a different one, at no cost? That’s the premise behind Australian start-up Quiverizer, the world’s first online surfboard swapping site.

I met with the two Norway born Manly boys behind this great new website to get an insight into this innovative new service.
Founders Adam Haeger and Martin Olsen rolled up to the cafe on skateboards; one with his hat turned backwards, both with Coke in hand. Just a couple of quintessential surfers away from the beach.

“Hey man, how’s it going?” they both enquire.

Since getting into Sydney three years ago, the two Norwegians have been swept up in the search for the perfect wave and the perfect ride. With university backgrounds in web design and commerce between them, Quiverizer is the brainchild of this search.

“I was sitting in a business course last year just thinking about surfing like I pretty much do all the time, and I was like ‘I really want a new board but I don’t have any money’” Haeger says, “And then it hit me – I have to make a surfboard swapping website.” Just like that.

While board swaps are held around the place once or twice a year, until now there’s been no ongoing forum to facilitate board swapping. Quiverizer’s on the brink of addressing that, but first needs to get the word out there.

“At the moment it’s all about getting more boards up there so more swaps can be matched” Olsen says. Once this critical mass is reached you get the feeling things could really take off.

The word has started to spread around the northern beaches of Sydney, but there’s also been people signing up from as far as Byron Bay down to Victoria and the ACT.

As for making a crust out of the site, the boys seem more interested in how they can improve surfing rather than making a mint out of it. “We want to keep it all free for normal surfers to use and then get surf shops involved and monetise that through advertising” Haeger says.

Olsen chimes in that the dream is to have the site as a forum for surfers to come check out news, wave reports, videos, chat forums and, obviously, get a new board.

“For us it’s such a passion.” Haeger says, “I love business entrepreneurship, and I love surfing more than anything else. So to actually make a difference out of something that has a positive impact on the environment and can enhance people’s experience of surfing would be incredible.”

Advising on the benefits of riding a range of boards, the boys enlighten me that different boards change the way you surf a wave and it’s also really good for your style and development as a surfer.

“I’m putting everything else on hold to follow a dream” Haeger interjects sincerely, then laughs.

Quiverizer officially goes live at the start of next month, but users can sign up and swap now. With every board listing before April 1 users go in the draw to win a custom made Baker surfboard. In a sign of faith, or maybe just wanting to win the Baker, Olsen’s got all his boards listed already.

It’s a free solution to a common dilemma, and if I was a surfer I’d be all over this.

This week Quiverizer was selected for a three month mentor driven investment program run by start-up accelerator PushStart. In exchange for an 8% stake in Quiverizer, the boys will receive $20k seed funding and enter an intensive mentoring program to really get things going.

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