Knighted Inventor Strikes Again

February 19, 2013, 11:26 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Serial inventor Sir James Dyson is back with a dryer 5 times faster than an F1 car...

Knighted Inventor Strikes Again

The man Kochie coined “the Steve Jobs of appliances” is back in the spotlight with his latest invention, and it’s a germaphobes dream.

Serial inventor Sir James Dyson has conjured up a handle-less tap and hand dryer combination that takes advantage of significant size reductions in technology to add drying functionality into the faucet itself.

That means no touching germ ridden taps or bumping dryers with the back of your hand. As Dyson puts it, “all we need now is automatic doors.”

The Airblade Tap uses a downsized 1600W motor that can dry hands in about 12 seconds by blasting air out at 420mph. To put that in perspective, the motor goes about five times faster than a Formula One car.

And coupled with affordability at around $1200 a pop, this latest invention appears a game changer akin to his bag-less Dyson vacuums.

So what’s the secret to the appliance kings continual innovations? A lot of hard work and persistence.

“I built over five and half thousand prototypes of my cyclonic vacuum cleaner in order to get it to work... and spent 12 years on this motor,” Dyson explains.

“Technology takes time, and a lot of money invested, but once you’ve got it you can produce products that are world beaters.”

Having sold more than 4 billion dollars worth of products worldwide, the inventive engineer’s success speaks for itself.

“You’ve got to stick at it, borrow lots of money from the bank and stick at it.” Dyson advises.

It’s not necessarily advice Kochie endorses, but it’s certainly worked for Sir James.

Check out the Airblade in action on Sunrise this morning.