Aussies Too Busy To Take A Break

November 16, 2012, 10:08 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Australians now have 350,000 years of accrued leave...and counting.

Aussies Too Busy To Take A Break

Who said Aussies are a bunch of bludgers?

According to the latest research, it’s quite the contrary, with Australians now so busy that we’re forgoing 25% of our leave entitlements each year. And it’s adding up, big time.

The nation’s accrued leave now stands at a humungous 128 million days, or 350,000 years of holidays.

But apparently our bosses aren’t to blame with three in every four employees saying their bosses encourage them to take leave, according to a new survey by Expedia. Despite this, almost 40% of Australians have delayed holiday plans due to work reasons over the past 12 months.

And it’s not just the workers of the nation missing out but families too, Expedia’s Amee Evans says.

“People generally say that going on holidays with family and loved ones is their favourite thing to do, but coordinating with those people seems to be the challenge.”

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Evans says that shortfalls in savings and lack of time to organise holidays were the other big reasons cited for staying at work instead of wandering a beach somewhere.

We’re not the worst country in the world at it though, with Japan emerging as the most holiday-deprived nation. Workers there take just five days of annual leave on average, ahead of South Korea at seven, the US with ten and Mexico siestaring for ten too.

But they’re hardly the benchmark of relaxation. Australians simply need to get better at putting work on the back burner for a bit, says Tourism Australia’s Simon Westaway.

"Research since 2008 indicates that work obstacles rather than personal obstacles prevent Australians taking holidays."

Westaway says that an average of one in four full-time Australian workers stockpiled their leave because they were too busy, wanted to have leave stashed away for an emergency or were saving for a long holiday.

Is it time you took a break?

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