What We Really Think Of Top Aussies

December 20, 2012, 11:05 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Ever thought about which politician would host the best BBQ or be good to babysit your kids? A new study of 1100 Aussies points to the top candidates...

What We Really Think Of Top Aussies

Australians are more than twice as likely to want to have a drink with Malcolm Turnbull than they are with Tony Abbott, and would also rather have a cold one with Kevin Rudd than Julia Gillard.

But close to one in five Australians say they would rather have a drink by themselves than with any federal politician, according to festive new research out today.

As we enter the season of long lunches and dips at the beach, research consultancy CoreData has quizzed over 1100 Australians on how they believe our politicians, prominent business people and celebrities would fare in a range of out of the box situations.

Babysitting the kids, throwing a BBQ, being a Bond villain or bantering over a beer were all on the agenda, resulting in some interesting findings.

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For example, Minister for finance and deregulation, Penny Wong, is the politician Aussies would most trust to look after their children, with 28% of the vote, while just 0.3% would trust under-a-cloud MP Craig Thomson.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull is thought to be the most likely to hand in a wallet full of cash (23.5%), as the politician Aussies would most like to have a drink with (27.5%) and also the one the majority of Aussies consider would make the best CEO of a large corporation (56.1%).

That said, Hugh Jackman (49.9%) and business woman and mother Mia Freedman (30.2%) are more popular drinking partners than any of our politicians.

On the in-laws front, two in five say Bob Katter would make the most annoying mother/father in-law, with Abbott is close behind at 35.9%, followed by Gillard at 28.4%. But that’s nothing on Pauline Hanson, who copped more than half the vote (50.2%) as a prospective painful in-law.

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In the Australian business person stakes, it was understandably Gina Rinehart who the majority (70.6%) of Aussies say would be the most an annoying mother in-law. And in the same vein, a majority of Australians believe that she would make the best Bond villain (52.7%), along with Kyle Sandilands (51.7%).

Bob Katter (38.6%) and Joe Hockey (38.1%) are considered the politicians that would throw the best summer BBQ.

Of course it’s mainly having some fun at the festive end of the year, but also provides a bit of a lesson about public perception.

So next time you put something in the social or media sphere, consider how it reflects on your BBQ tending and in-law credentials. Because these are just proxies for business correlated qualities like charm, trust and integrity.

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