New Year Resolutions That Stick

December 20, 2012, 12:24 pm Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

It's that time of year again... making big claims after a big night on December 31. Here's a few resolutions that will stick, for a change.

New Years Resolutions That Stick

The New Year is a great time to make big, ambitious, life improving resolutions. Get fit, write a book, quit smoking, learn a language. But the problem is a lot of these lofty life changing goals are distant memories by March.

So instead of setting big hairy targets next month, how about making some simple resolutions instead? Things that can be implemented day to day to make you a smarter, more savvy and better working small business person.

Here are a few simple suggestions.

Turn Off Tech

Make your home a tech free zone. Too often we’re so busy with tablets, phones and TV’s that after finally knocking off and going through our gadget routines at home, it’s time for bed and down time has blitzed by, if it happened at all.

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The solution? Turn off tech work and leave it there. It’s the single biggest burner of work life balance. And, if you must, only check your emails at a set interval each evening.

Put Reason Before Wants

Have you ever pursued something, or been heavily biased in your decision process, because you ‘liked the sound if it’?

If so, instead of following what you think would look good or feel great, write down the reasons for getting into it. End goals always look attractive but unless there are sound reasons behind setting out for goals, a lot of time and resources can be wasted.

So this year, don’t listen to your ego in everyday decisions, put reason before wants.

Step Back From Social

So you’ve got 300 LinkedIn connections, 500 Twitter followers, and 400 Facebook friends. But how many would you invite to a party, or spend a weekend away with? Less than 10%, maybe?

Don’t confuse your virtual gang with a network that will pick you up when you’re down or go out of their way to source you new opportunities.

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It’s your real, personal contacts that will go to those lengths, so take a step back from social this year to strengthen and expand that walking, talking network of yours.

Don’t Confuse Advice With Knowledge

We often put too much value in the opinion and advice of those around us because we trust them, when the key to consistent, successful business decisions is actually objectivity.

So if you’re guilty of making decisions based on the advice and opinions of others, without digging into the facts beforehand, make this the year you take in all angles and improve your entrepreneurial decision making.

The key to this is not confusing advice with knowledge. Opinions are important, but facts are what matter most.

Know When To Turn Off

Instead of setting the vague goal of ‘making more time for myself’ this year, put it on your daily agenda by knowing when to turn off. Set physical boundaries to the workplace and respect them. Book in social appointments and keep them.

By being diligent in turning off this year, you’ll not only reduce stress and make that social time you’ve always aimed for, but also be more productive when you are at the work station.

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Now this isn’t the must do list of 2013, just some suggestions of how to make the next year a more fruitful and fulfilling one than the year just gone.

Of much more importance is what all these resolutions have in common: broken down targets brought into an everyday working routine. Because taking this approach to resolutions for 2013 you’ll give yourself the best chance of success and mitigate the risk of mirages come March.