Australia, Best Customer Service In The World?!

February 6, 2013, 10:29 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

Australia is ranked as the best of the best for customer service. Surprised?

Australia, Best Customer Service In The World?!

How would you rate your last customer service experience? Amazing? Terrific? Outstanding?

Probably not. Yet according to a leading provider of customer service software, Australia has the happiest customers in the world.

US-based Zandest studied customer service reports from 65 million consumers and anointed Australian customer service as the best of the best with whopping 93% customer satisfaction.

According to Zendesk, the finding goes hand in hand with recruitment company Randstad’s study that Australia has some of the happiest employees on the planet too.

“There is something of a connection between countries with happy employees and countries that are providing the best customer service,” Zendesk says.

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“Canada, Australia and Germany have high rates of happy employees and some of the highest customer service scores. On the other hand, France, China and Turkey have some the lowest rates of happy employees and also have a low scores on the customer service satisfaction index.”

But given the scolding Aussie operators like Vodafone and Harvey Norman have got in recent times, it seems a stretch to think 93% of us are satisfied with the service we receive.

According to a mobile-lifestyle study released last year by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association, less than 50% of Vodafone customers are satisfied with the telco, while consumer group Choice found most brick and mortar retail stores provide a frustrating shopping experience.

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Harvey Norman was heralded the worst of a bad bunch in last year’s in Choice customer service ratings.

But across the board the consumer advocate group said poor ratings were the norm with most consumer complaints made against sales assistants who kept them waiting for service while constantly being engaged in conversation with each other.

It certainly makes the number one ranking a bit of a surprise. Or is just that we have comparatively good customer service compared to foreign standards?

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