Writing for the web

April 2, 2008, 2:34 pm Paul Wilson KBB

Writing for the web is all about keeping your text simple.

No one likes to wade through pages of poorly written, long-winded website content. It's time consuming, laborious and tiring. Use these website writing tips to make your web pages a pleasure to read.

Well written website copy is:

  • Concise
  • Simple
  • Often summarized
  • Scannable
  • Objective - factual
  • Accurate, helpful, useful
  • Interesting – engaging
  • Positive

Try to avoid:

  • Embellishing
  • Using ego-driven content
  • Rambling
  • Using jargon
  • Directionless text
  • Using overly-hyped language

Keep it simple for fast user scanning

Most users scan website text rather than carefully reading it. They look for points of interest and navigate accordingly. Users value concise, well-written website content, which gives an impression of cohesion and is a pleasure to read.

Limit the length of your online pages

Always keep your readers in mind when writing for the web:

  • Users do not like long, scrolling pages - they prefer the text to be short and to the point
  • Users loathe marketese