The New Way to Recruit

July 20, 2012, 3:14 pm Alex Brophy Yahoo7

Here's the innovative new way to recruit that will save your business a bucket load...

The New Way to Recruit

Going...going...gone! Congratulations, you’ve just won the bidding for your dream employee!

Sounds strange doesn’t it? Bidding for an employee. But that’s the innovative new way to recruit thanks to enterprising HR marketplace FIFObids.

The recruitment platform allows employees to register all their skills, experience and preferences in a central database that is perused by employers with a position to fill.

Employers then make a ‘bid’ for the employee they’re after and the winning bidder is put in touch.

One of the beauties of the operation is that it gets all the difficult bits of recruitment out of the way up-front. This makes the interview process very simple.

No wage discussions, surprise terms or conditions – both parties have already agreed on the key points, so it’s almost straight into work.

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Co-founder Antonluigi Gozzi came up with the idea after working in the mining industry and seeing a disconnect in the way recruitment was done.

“I always thought that labour demand and supply wasn’t very well matched in the industry,” Gozzi says, “It was always very difficult for companies to find the people they needed.”

So, like any good entrepreneur, he did something about it and so far the numbers speak for themselves. Just shy of 20,000 employees have already signed up as well as 685 companies in the sites four short weeks of operation.

That’s a fantastic result that speaks volumes for the platform, especially given no formal marketing was done.

“We created FIFObids to give people ownership and transparency in the recruitment process through an open market, and so far they are choosing to enter the marketplace.” Gozzi says.

To help businesses get a feel for the platform, every company gets two free bids a month. Gozzi says this is important to allow small and medium businesses to get a feel for the process without incurring any costs.

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By way of fees, it’s free for employees, while employers pay three times the accepted hourly rate of the employee they bid on. If you know anything about recruitment, that’s really cheap.

“Companies see value in the speed of the process, the comparative cost of recruitment and, importantly, being able to easily identify the best person available for the role.” Gozzi says.

“It’s just like any other market. If you want a car or a house, you go out and see what’s available. FIFObids is no different.”

And while it’s taken off like wild fire in the mining and resources space, PR, consulting and office assistants have all registered on the site too.

“If there is any job you are recruiting for, you will find someone for the role on our platform.” Gozzi says.

Sounds like a pretty big claim, but this is the next big thing.

Gozzi says that in 10 years the recruitment industry will work like any other market – open and efficient – it’s simply part of ongoing innovation in how we do business.

“True innovations increase efficiency, make something easier and often have to decrease costs by at least 10 times to be truly successful. We’ve done all of this, and more.” Gozzi says.

Quite fitting from a man with the mantra, ‘do what it takes’.

So next time you're looking to fill a seat, head to the HR market place and get the best person for the job at the price you want to pay.