Multichannel - A Winning Strategy

August 27, 2012, 2:04 pm Mat Beeche Yahoo7

With revenue figures like these it's clear multichannel is the future, and clever social strategies are how you can keep your brand front and centre.

Multichannel - A Winning Strategy

In what seems to be a world of doom and gloom surrounding retail in Australia right now, one young startup founder is determined to stand out from the crowd.

Founder of Show Pony Fashion, Jane Lu, is taking on the big guns of fashion retail with an aggressive and successful multi channel strategy that will have the likes of Myers trembling in their pretty little designer boots.

Show Pony have a pop up store in the lower level of Westfield in the centre of Sydney as well as an online store which ships for free across Australia and internationally.

Lu, an ex accountant for one of Australia's premier accounting firms uses great pricing along with a killer social media strategy to drive at the moment a little more than $180,000 worth of business through her sales channels every month - and it just keeps growing.

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In less than a year of operating she has grown a very engaged Facebook community of over 55,000 fans, a huge twitter following and beginning to take over the world of Instagram one picture at a time.

“We literally started this business with no money” says Lu, “All we had was an idea, a supplier and facebook,"

"Social media has been critical in getting the business where it is at the moment as it was the only low cost way we could get the word out about what we were doing."

"Our strategy with facebook and social media has always been to produce great quality content, it is not about pushing our products," Lu says.

"A photoshoot and behind the scenes shots of what we are doing in the business engages our audience and this is what drives them to our store to purchase our products, because we have focused on creating a connection with our brand."

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It is clear from these results, and in particular when it comes to female fashion that retailers need to be where their customers are, and that is on social media.

Facebook, Pinterest and now Instagram are becoming huge influencers in the way that people make their purchasing decisions, and brands, especially startups who are trying to build a following.

“Social media is so influential in fashion retail these days, customers share our product shots with their networks before and after purchasing them, it allows people to consult with their friends about if they should buy something or seek for comment on something they have bought." Lu says.

"If you can make your brand a “friend” on facebook rather than a company, you build trust and loyalty, which ultimately results in repeat business.”

One thing is for sure, with revenue figures like that it is clear multichannel is the future, and clever social strategies are how you will keep your brand front and centre.

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