Smart Ways to Get Searched

August 3, 2012, 11:56 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

If your business isn’t online, you need to get it there. If your business is online, you need to get it noticed. Here’s how to do both.

Smart Ways to Get Searched Online

If your small business site isn’t on the first page of relevant web searches, the chances of a potential customer clicking through are pretty slim. To get up and in the grill of internet search engines, follow these four tips.

1. Publish Relevant and Recent Content

New and relevant content attracts users as well as search engines. Would you go to a site with a wrap up of the Beijing Olympics today? Not likely, so don’t expect people to come to yours for similarly dated content.

Far too many businesses have stagnant websites because they have stagnant content. By putting up fresh, passionate posts your website will stand out immediately.

It doesn’t need to be an excessively researched essays, just current and curiosity provoking content.

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2. Speak Search Engine Language

This is one for your website guru – don’t build your site in Flash of JavaScript. For search engines it’s the equivalent of a high schooler trying to read hieroglyphics.

A lot of web site builders insist on using these formats for the flexibility they offer, but there’s nothing that can’t be coded more conventionally so make sure you’re gang’s onto it.

Give them guidelines for search engine optimisation - your website will love you for it. Here’s an easy to read starter guide to begin sharpening up!

3. Start an Online Conversation

Website’s are like networking events, the more people that walk away talking about you the better your reputation. And the more reputable those people are, the more influence they will have.

To ‘network’ search industry relevant terms and identify the reputable internet sites that you want to be talking about you. Contact the owners of these websites and offer to provide some of the relevant and recent content you’re writing for your site anyway.

And don’t be shy. Everyone wants more content so start the conversation today.

4. Socialise

Social networks are a great way to engage with customers for a bit of two way marketing and customer service. Conveniently, search engines also expect some social dialogue from their top ranking search results. That makes the benefits of friends two fold.

But don’t just use this avenue of your online campaign to flog your products, you need to be genuine and relevant here too.

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So that’s the optimisation side of you small business website covered, what about those that don’t even have one to promote yet? Not to worry, we’ve got that sorted too.

Claire Hatton, Head of Local Business for Google Australia, was good enough to talk the KBB clan through the free resources available and imperative for small businesses to get online.

There are some great points on the mobile web side of things too, so even if you've got a website, listen up.