Mobiles More Valuable Than Sex

November 22, 2012, 9:22 am Kochie's Business Builders Yahoo7

One in three smartphone users would rather give up sex than their mobile...

Mobiles More Valuable Than Sex

Need any further proof that you’re spending a bit too long on your mobile?

A new study out of the US has found that 90% of 18-29 year olds sleep with their phone in or right next to their bed, and one in three smart phone owners would rather give up sex than their fancy bit of technology.

That is seriously concerning.

And the invasion of tech goes further than that with the research by psyc institution Online Psychology Degree finding that 95% of people regularly browse the web, text or watch TV in bed before trying to sleep.

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On the back of that it seems we might be impeding the potential for sex by mobile use already. Not to mention eating into our sleep.

One in four people were found to be sleeping with their phones not silenced and one in ten woken at least a few times a week by calls, text or emails.

And what do they do when woken up in the night for now reason? One in two check their phone right away.
Does this all sound a bit too familiar to you?

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If you’re a bit drowsy right now you probably know exactly what impact these habits are having.

Because, according to the researchers, interacting with these gadgets doesn’t just draw out bedtime, but makes it harder to sleep too.

A two hour exposure to light from electronic displays suppresses melatonin by over 20%. And, you guessed it, melatonin is the chemical that promotes sleep.

So if you’re mobile habits are impacting your life, try taking a step back today.

And if you’re a small business owner targeting an 18-29 year old audience, get a mobile strategy and drive it hard, because it turns out they’re almost always watching.

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